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The fear of speaking in front of people is no joke

Are you starting to get anxious even by reading this?

Are you sweating, blushing. feeling the blood and adrenaline running through your veins or your heart beating in your chest?

When it comes to speaking in front of people, people often worry that they will …

Be judged.

Sweat, stutter, blush, stumble over or forget their words.

Bore the audience.

Be unable to answer a question.

Look (and feel) incompetent like an idiot.

Be embarassed or humiliated.

They also sometimes think that…

They have nothing important or original to say.

They are not enough or are not worth listening to.

They do not have what it takes to be a good presenter.

What happens to your nervous system when you panic

When you get so anxious your nervous system gets into overdrive.  Your limbic brain sends signals to your adrenal glands, which then start pumping your body full of adrenaline.  At the same time, your frontal lobes start shutting down;  that’s when you can’t think clearly, forget your words or freeze up.

Ever been unable to remember an exam question while you were writing, only to remember it afterwards?   That is why.

Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology is a non-invasive, natural way to relax the nervous system and overcome fears and phobias.
Even better, you can apply it on yourself whenever you need to; typically, once you release a specific phobia, it is done for good.

If you want  to experience the simple technique for yourself, scroll down for free see-help recorded sessions to help you right away.


Overcome The Fear Of Speaking In Front of People

Here are some self-help videos (ignore the link at the bottom of the videos as it no longer exists.)
Visit scientific research into Energy Psychology.

Important Notes About The Videos

 1.  Work through all the videos, even if you think they do not apply to you.
The fear of speaking in front of people can be complex and needs to be approached from all angles.

2.  Follow the instructions in the videos to the letter; they are there for a reason (i.e. they work)

3.  Do the videos at your own pace.  It’s OK to do them all in one go or to do one a week

4.  It is very likely that some old emotions will come to the surface.  If so, keep tapping – it will pass.
If something particularly painful comes up, speak with a professional helper.

5.  If the phobia does not completely disappear, work through the videos again,
and/or attend one of the upcoming free live calls for more personalised help.


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