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What FILWP is all about




What makes #FILWP different

Facilitated with kindness, patience, skill & humour

Througout #FILWP you are treated with kindness, patience and humour and are never put on the spot or forced to do something that you are not ready for.

The course is presented in a fun, interactive and relaxed way that helps you build your confidence step-by-step.

Helping you through the fear and panic of public speaking

As I explain on the home page, the fear of public speaking lives in a part of your brain (the limbic, or emotional brain) that does not respond to language, reason or ‘positive thinking’. 

That’s why you still panic despite your best efforts of using willpower and repeating. “I’m a great presenter, I’m a great presenter, I’m a great presenter” a gazillion times and why in the history of calming down, no-one has ever calmed down by just being told to calm down. 

That’s also why forcing yourself to ‘get out there’ to conquer your fear of public speaking is usually a bad idea as you won’t overcome anything by repeatedly retraumatising yourself. 

Remember that practice does in fact not make perfect, it makes permanent.

#FILWP uses an Enenergy Psychology technique called ‘tapping’ that calms down your nervous system and helps you to speak to people with confidence.  The calmer your nervous system is, the easier it is to start focusing on and practising technique.

A proven track record

#FILWP has been successfully run in South Africa, Australia and on-line since 2015 with participants from 6 countries giving consistent feedback (which you can read more about here) that it works and that you become much more confident about yourself, speaking in front of people and life in general.   

An overview of what's covered and what to expect during the training

Get an idea of what’s covered and what to expect during the training

Click here to download the first 36 pages to see the content.

How long is the course?

#FILWP comes in three different formats

  • In-person 3 days (9am – 9pm)
  • In person 4 days (8:30am – 4:30pm)
  • On-line 3 days (various time zones)

Some courses run on consecutive days whereas others run over a few weeks.


Do you have any free resources


  1. Download the first 36 pages of the training workbook here and do the exercises.
  2. Watch free video here 
  3. Watch free video here 
  4. Free calls to help you overcome your fear of public speaking; dates TBA soon.


The 11 keys to presentation mastery

Presenting is an art based on science

There are very specific reasons why some presentations are great and others aren’t.  Once you understand this you can start doing less of the latter and more of the former.

Here are 2 videos to help you identify your current strenghts and areas for development.

My story

Freaking out

I used to freak out about doing presentations.

I panicked so much that I’d have to make multiple toilet runs before the time and then, once I got started my neck would go red and hot which made me even more nervous and self-conscious.

Even though I would spend hours (and hours, and hours) practicing I would still sometimes freeze, get stuck or forget what I wanted to say.  This would send me into a panic which, of course, just made things worse and I’d feel disappointed, embarrassed and humiliated afterwards.

This set off a vicious cycle where I would panic even more before the next presentation.

Hard work pays off and the penny drops

I kept on learning from attending numerous courses and watching other presenters and through practice, even though it was very hard to put so much work into it only to still be left feeling so overwhelmed and disappointed.

Then one day in 2003 I attended a course in London where it suddenly dawned on me exactly what the presenter was doing that made them so good.  As the penny dropped I started doing what I saw him do which made a huge difference to the way that I started to approach and deliver my own presentations.  My red neck also got resolved with the help of Energy Psychology ‘tapping’ – which is now an essential part of #FILWP – and I’ve never gone red in my neck again, ever, almost 20 years later.

In Love With Presenting

After that tough beginning I now love the art of presenting and teaching it and have now presented at over 300 events in 15 countries and on-line, with the aim to add a new country every year.

There are shorter courses out there; why is #FILWP so long?

Because it takes time to change the way your brain works

Even though there are lots of miracle stories about people who experienced life-changing transformation in a nano-second, for the rest of us mere mortals it usually takes a bit longer (and usually requires a willingness to put in the effort to do the work.)

#FILWP helps you experience change over the three or 4 days that would not be possible in one day, by:

  • helping you reduce your fear and increase your confidence and self-esteem
  • teaching you practical and easy-to-implement steps to doing great presentations

Will you teach me how to prepare and present slides?

Other than a brief overview of what makes slides effective or ineffective, no.

Making slides is a speciality in itself, and #FILWP starts with the most important part of a good presentation – a grounded, confident ‘you’, and a proven recipe of the steps needed.

Does #FILWP work for corporate presentations?


I’ve been using and teaching these skills in corporate environments since 2017 with great success.

As a corporate you have a choice between sending your team members to one of the public events or arranging a #FILWP for your team only.

Chat to me for more details.


Do you offer 1-2-1 support?


If you prefer to work with me to either overcome your fear of public speaking or to prepare for a specific presentation, scroll down to the bottom of the page and message me.

Have An Important Presentation Coming Up?

When you have an important presentation coming up – a sales demo, stakeholder, shareholder or company presentation, team meeting or public talk – you might be unsure of what to put in and leave out, or of how to best present the content.  You might be nervous about dealing with a tough crowd, or anxious that you will make an idiot of yourself, forgetting what you wanted to say or not being able to answer questions.  Maybe even the thought of doing this presentation already sends your heart racing and your palms sweating.

Doing a course might the last thing you feel like doing now.

Helping You Focus

During a private session with you or your team, I will help you to:

Overcome nervousness so that you are more confident

Customise the content so that it really lands with the audience 

Prepare yourself in such a way that it’s easy to remember what you want to say

Engage the audience in a way that’s appropriate for the particular audience

Getting Started

To start, let’s have a conversation to determine what needs to be done, after which you’l receive a quote estimate to decide if you’d like us to work together.


Message me here if you have a specific question or want to talk.  You will not be added to any mailing lists.