Have An Important Presentation Coming Up?

When you have an important presentation coming up – a sales demo, stakeholder, shareholder or company presentation, team meeting or public talk – you might be unsure of what to put in and leave out, or of how to best present the content. 
You might be nervous about dealing with a tough crowd, or anxious that you will make an idiot of yourself, forgetting what you wanted to say or not being able to answer questions.
Maybe even the thought of doing this presentation already sends your heart racing and your palms sweating.

If you are unable to attend a course, a private session with me might help.

Helping You Focus

During a private session with you or your team, I will help you to:
Overcome nervousness so that you are more confident
Customise the content so that it really lands with the audience
Prepare yourself in such a way that it’s easy to remember what you want to say
Engage the audience in a way that’s appropriate for the particular audience

Getting Started

Sessions are conducted on-line or in person.

To start, we’ll have a conversation to determine what needs to be done.  There is no fee for this.
You will then receive a quote estimate to decide if you’d like us to work together.

Contact me below.


Here are my rates per hour for specialized help with presentations.

South Africa R750
Namibia N$750
United Kingdom £75
Australia AUD$120
New Zealand NZD$110
USA $95


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