A real-life nightmare

The angst and panic when you realise that you forgot that you wanted to say next.
Being thrown off track by a question and not knowing how to get back to where you left off.
Noticing yourself starting to fumble over your words or starting to speak faster and faster the more nervous you get.
Running out of things to say or mumbling on like a runaway train, not knowing how to stop.
And perhaps worst of all, noticing yourself losing the audience to boredom or indifference as your monotone monologue isn’t quite as riviting it was this morning at 5am when you were practicing in front of the mirror…

I’ve “been there, done that” a few times and there’s only one thing to say about it really, and that is that it truly, deeply sucks.  No-one should have to go through that level of humiliation, ever.

Are you sweating, blushing. feeling the blood and adrenaline running through your veins or your heart beating in your chest?

When it comes to speaking in front of people, people often worry that they will …

Be judged.

Sweat, stutter, blush, stumble over or forget their words.

Bore the audience.

Be unable to answer a question.

Look (and feel) incompetent like an idiot.

Be embarassed or humiliated.

They also sometimes think that…

They have nothing important or original to say.

They are not enough or are not worth listening to.

They do not have what it takes to be a good presenter.

What happens to your nervous system when you panic

When you get so anxious your nervous system gets into overdrive.  Your limbic brain sends signals to your adrenal glands, which then start pumping your body full of adrenaline.  At the same time, your frontal lobes start shutting down;  that’s when you can’t think clearly, forget your words or freeze up.

Ever been unable to remember an exam question while you were writing, only to remember it afterwards?   That is why.

The importance of overcome your fear of speaking in public

Other than it being a very unpleasant experience to be anxious, every ounce of energy that you require to manage your fear is energy lost to your presentation and the audience.

Energy Psychology

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a great way to knock your fear of speaking in front of people on its head, quickly.

It is a non-invasive, natural way to relax the nervous system and overcome fears and phobias.
Even better, you can apply it on yourself whenever you need to; typically, once you release a specific phobia, it is done for good.

Click here for extensive world-wide research on how EFT works to calm down your nervous system and helps you to be more calm and relaxed even when faced with your biggest fears.

Help, here, now

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