Whatever You’re Doing, You’re In Sales

To be an effective salesperson or leader you have to be able to sell products, services and ideas. 
Unless you get others to ‘buy in’, your products and ideas aren’t going anywhere soon, and neither are you.

No wonder that Warren Buffet says that being good at presenting raises your value by 50%.

The Reality That Nobody Talks About

Most corporate presentations are fairly ineffective or even boring, delivering overpopulated PowerPoint slides in monologue fashion.  There’s often an inaudible collective ‘sigh’ of despair when someone starts up a slide show – yet everyone seems to do (and keep doing) it.

This rarely leads to a motivated group of people, ready to implement new ideas; in fact, quite the opposite.

It Gets Worse

To make it worse, if you are also a nervous speaker who do not understand the importance of engaging the audience throughout your presentation, it goes downhill from there, rapidly.

This can be disastrous with team, stakeholder or shareholder meetings or sales presentations where people buying in to your ideas (and products) is vital.

Be Different

There are some very simply ways to structure, prepare and deliver a presentation ways that engages the audience along the way, making it more interesting for them and easier for you.  Fall in Love with Presenting will teach you those ways.

Jacqui Kumm profile picture TMT Services presentation skills

The best money ever spent on training.

“This is the best money we’ve ever spent on training.  It has been a gift to me and the HR Team.” Jacqui Kumm, HR Director, TMT Services


.Overcome the fear of public speaking

If you or someone in your team is anxious about speaking in front of people, attend one of the free calls specifically designed to help you to overcome the fear of public speaking, or book a private or group session with me to gain more confidence.

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Get help with a specific presentation

If you just want help with an important upcoming presentation coming up you might not have the time or want to attend a course.

I can help you to design, prepare and deliver a tailor-made presentation for your audience; either as a 1-2-1 or group session.

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Modular training on your terms

Getting your team out of the office for 4 days at a time might be tough or impossible.

#FILWP modules are easy to break down into manageable shorter sessions, e.g. 2 or 3-hour weekly sessions.  These can be customised on or off-site according to your organisation’s culture and intended audience.

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Attending public #FILWP programmes

If you prefer for you and your team to experience a full immersion experience over 3 or 4 days you are welcome to attend any of the public programmes.

Upcoming events

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The most outstanding course


It  is  ‘hands  down’  one  of  the  most  outstanding professional development courses  I  have  ever  done – I  only  wish I  had  done  it  years  ago!

This  course  is  not  only  unique, inspiring  and  totally empowering,  it  identifies  and  eliminates  any  blocks and fears  you have around  speaking  in  public  and leaves you with  the confidence  to deliver an engaging  presentation! 

The  connection  created  in  that  room  over  the  course was unforgettable…it‘s  an  experience I will  treasure forever!

  Bennie  is truly  a  remarkable  man  and  his  techniques  are  ‘game  changing’ !  I can‘t  thank  him,  his  wonderful  team  and  all  the  beautiful attendees enough  for  the  confidence  they  have  instilled  in  me  and  I  highly  recommend  his  course  to  everyone.

Karen Todd

A life changing event!


Attending the course was one of the greatest things I have done for myself in a very long time – it was a life-changing event!
I always found it difficult to engage my audience and usually did my presentations in monologue; now I have a recipe to change all that. You have a refreshing and amazing presentation style and I learnt so many things that I will be able to apply – and it was a really fun way of learning.

Linda Meyer

A great confidence builder


This course is SO much more than learning presentation skills (which, by the way, were also fantastic!)  This course will touch you on a deeply personal level and encourage so much personal growth. 

  It was a great confidence-builder for me and I came away with many skills that I can take with me through my every day life.

I felt so blessed to witness the growth of a beautiful group of people; to see them grow from being apprehensive about the whole experience, not really knowing what to expect, to confident, enthusiastic speakers wanting to get up and share their skills, and witnessing the love, support and friendships built with the participants over the weekend was palpable.  I would highly recommend this course!

Kay Lynch


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