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For when speaking in front of people freaks you out




If speaking in front of people terrifies you, then attending a public speaking course probably also scares you to death.

You might worry that you will get it wrong, be put on the spot, embarassed, humiliated or forced into something that you are not ready for yet.


None of that happens during Fall in Love with Presenting.


Instead FILWP offer safe, light-hearted and fun experiences where you get to overcome your fear and learn to improve your ability to deliver top notch presentations regardless of your current levels of fear, experience or skill.  


The most outstanding course


It  is  ‘hands  down’  one  of  the  most  outstanding professional development courses  I  have  ever  done – I  only  wish I  had  done  it  years  ago!

This  course  is  not  only  unique, inspiring  and  totally empowering,  it  identifies  and  eliminates  any  blocks and fears  you have around  speaking  in  public  and leaves you with  the confidence  to deliver an engaging  presentation! 

The  connection  created  in  that  room  over  the  course was unforgettable…it‘s  an  experience I will  treasure forever!

  Bennie  is truly  a  remarkable  man  and  his  techniques  are  ‘game  changing’ !  I can‘t  thank  him,  his  wonderful  team  and  all  the  beautiful attendees enough  for  the  confidence  they  have  instilled  in  me  and  I  highly  recommend  his  course  to  everyone.

Karen Todd

A life changing event!


Attending the course was one of the greatest things I have done for myself in a very long time – it was a life-changing event!
I always found it difficult to engage my audience and usually did my presentations in monologue; now I have a recipe to change all that. You have a refreshing and amazing presentation style and I learnt so many things that I will be able to apply – and it was a really fun way of learning.

Linda Meyer

A great confidence builder


This course is SO much more than learning presentation skills (which, by the way, were also fantastic!)  This course will touch you on a deeply personal level and encourage so much personal growth. 

  It was a great confidence-builder for me and I came away with many skills that I can take with me through my every day life.

I felt so blessed to witness the growth of a beautiful group of people; to see them grow from being apprehensive about the whole experience, not really knowing what to expect, to confident, enthusiastic speakers wanting to get up and share their skills, and witnessing the love, support and friendships built with the participants over the weekend was palpable.  I would highly recommend this course!

Kay Lynch


Being afraid of speaking in front of people is no joke

You might have been getting anxious or start sweating or blushing or feel your heart beating faster in your chest even just reading this.

When it comes to speaking in front of people, people often worry that they will …

Be judged.

Sweat, stutter, blush, stumble over or forget their words.

Bore the audience.

Be unable to answer a question.

Look (and feel) incompetent like an idiot.

Be embarassed or humiliated.

The more nervous you are about presenting the more likely these things will happen, the more nervous you are the next time … and so it goes, around and around.

They also sometimes think that they can’t do good presentations because…

They have nothing important or original to say.

They do not have what it takes to be a good presenter.

They don’t know enough.

They’re not smart/articulate/[…fill the blank…] enough

Their past presentations weren’t good

They’re not good enough or not worth listening to.

The more you believe these thoughts the more nervious you’ll be and the more likely your presentations will be a painful experience – for you and your audience.


When you get anxious, your nervous system goes into overdrive:  your lymbic brain sends signals to your adrenal glands which starts pumping your body full of adrenaline.  Now your heart rate goes up,  you start sweating, blushing or trembling or your voice starts to quiver.

Next, your thinking brain shuts down and you can’t think clearly, you forget your words or freeze up, say things you didn’t mean to, waffle, and can’t answer questions coherently.  This leaves you feeling humiliated and embarrassed, not to mention determinded to NEVER present again… until the next time you have to get up there (at which point you are even more nervous, if that was possible…)

This is a frightening self-perpetual cycle or terror if there ever was one.

Ever been unable to remember someone’s name or the answer to a question or an exam question when you were put on the spot, only to remember it afterwards when the pressure was off?  Exactly.


Energy Psychology (also called ‘tapping’) is a natural way to relax the nervous system and overcome fears and phobias by neutralising the stress centre in the brain (the amygdala.)  It also reduces adrenaline and cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the body.

In FILWP we use ‘tapping’ to calm down your nerves so that you can focus on your presentation rather than your panic.



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