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The 11 Keys to Presentation Mastery to improve presentation skills: Key #01 – Skill

To improve presentation skills is fairly easy if you know what you’re doing.  Here is a series of the 11 Keys to Presentation Mastery which forms the foundation of #FILWP presentation skills training. 


If you do not know how to present (i.e. you are not very skilled) and your message is not delivered well, it cannot be received well.
There are only TWO reasons why you are not presenting at the level you’d like to:
#1: You don’t know how to present, i.e. you don’t have the SKILL
#2: You have emotional ‘stuff’ about it: fear, panic, anxiety, self-consciousness, lack of confidence etc.
In addition to being SKILLFUL at presenting, it also helps at so many levels if you are SKILLED in whatever you’re presenting about.
That is, I am skilled in presenting, and not so skilled (at all!) in rocket science. Therefore, if I had to present on rocket science I’ll do well on the technical level (of presenting) and would get away with a lot.
Ultimately, however, my lack of skill in the topic of rocket science will become apparent sooner or later, and that will cause a drop in the energy of the whole event.
 What do YOU think?
Discussion points:
*** When you attend presentations, what difference do you think ‘presentation skill’ and/or ‘topic skill’ make?
*** How skilled are you as a presenter, and what is it like for you to present with that particular skillset?
*** Have you ever had to present in an area that you weren’t skilled in, and what was that like?
What do YOU think and what has your experience been around skill, or the lack of it?
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