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Whatever You’re Doing, You’re In Sales

To be an effective salesperson or leader, you have to be able to sell products, services and ideas.  Unless you get others to ‘buy in’, your products and ideas aren’t going anywhere soon, and neither are you.

No wonder Ithat Warren Buffet says that being good at presenting raises your value by 50%.

The Reality That Nobody Talks About

Most corporate presentations are fairly ineffective and (let’s face it) even boring, delivering overpopulated PowerPoint slides in monologue fashion.  There’s often an inaudible collective ‘sigh’ when someone starts up a slide show – yet everyone seems to do (and keep doing) it.

This rarely leads to a motivated group of people, ready to implement new ideas; in fact, quite the opposite.

It Gets Worse

Confident presenters presenting in this way is one thing.  If you are also a nervous speaker, it goes downhill from there, rapidly.

This can be disastrous with team, stakeholder or shareholder meetings or sales presentations where people buying in to your ideas (and products)is vital.

Be Different

‘Different’ isn’t always better, unless it is.

There are some very simply ways to structure, prepare and deliver a presentation in a way that engages the audience along the way, making it not only more interesting for them, but also easier for you.

The Best Money Ever Spent

“This is the best money we’ve ever spent on training.  It has been a gift to me and the HR Team.” Jacqui Kumm, HR Director, TMT Services


Overcoming The Fear

If you or someone in your team is anxious about speaking in front of people, work through the free Energy Psychology sessions here as book a private or group session with me to gain more confidence.

Ad-hoc Support For A Specific Presentation

If you have an important presentation coming up you might not have the time or want to attend a course first.

I can help you to design, prepare and delivery a tailor-made presentation for your audience on a 1-2-1 basis or for your team as a whole.

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Modular Training On Your Terms

Getting your team out of the office for any length of time might be tough or impossible.

#FILWP modules are easy to break down into manageable shorter, e.g. 2 or 3-hour weekly sessions.  These can be customised on or off-site according to your organisation’s culture and intended audience.

You might also want to schedule one of the public  2-day modules for your team only, so that we can practice the techniques for your particular environment, culture and clients.

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Attending Public Programmes

Attending the #FILWP public programmes is the most cost-effective.

Structure, prepare and deliver effective presentations – website under construction.

Engaging the audience – website under construction.