Available for free: The #FILWP course workbook and videos


Sometimes before you attend a course you might think you’d quite like to see what’s covered, just in case you already know it all.

Or you might want to get a taste or a feel for how the course runs, and which exercises you’ll get to do when you go.

From a trainer’s perspective, I also want to make sure that this is the course for you and that you want to be there, so that instead of swimming upstream, we can connect and get on with the business of teaching you how to fall in love with presenting from the minute you arrive.

That’s why I’ve decided to make available (for free) not only the first 97 minutes of the #FILWP-I course here, but also the first 33 pages of the official course workbook, including the entire Table of Contents and some exercises to get you started right away. 

To download your own PDF copy, just scroll to the bottom of the page and submit your details and you’ll have it in your inbox in a few minutes.


There’s another reason that I’ve decided to include in the manual some of the exercises that we do on the course.

That reason is that these exercises work, i.e. they get results.

If you go through them, like those #FILWP graduates before you, you’ll very likely experience some deep insights into what your fear of public speaking is really about (it’s rarely about public speaking!) and also start to get to get the shifts (instead of the shits!) around presenting that you’re going to need to truly fall in love with presenting.

For sure.


Those exercises, as meek as they might seem to the untrained eye, have opened massive doors for participants.  And sometimes, part of what’s required to open new doors, is to close old ones.  And sometimes, to close old doors, we need to revisit that which we don’t really want to.

Therefore, I suggest that you

  • work through these 6 video clips first
  • take these exercises seriously
  • do them exactly as they are in the manual
  • ensure that you have the appropriate support for when old ‘stuff’ gets triggered.  It is this ‘stuff’ that’s keeping you small, and the only way out is through.
  • tap on the tapping points as described in the manual all the time as you do these exercises because that’ll help you to get through it.

Now all that’s left for me to do is to say … ‘Enjoy!’

To download your PDF copy, scroll to the bottom of the page and submit your details and you’ll have it in your inbox in a few minutes.