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With so many presentation skills and public speaking courses out there, how do you choose the right one for you?

Here’s what #FILWP graduates say about their experience.



The best bit for me was realising the importance of meeting the audience where they’re at.  It was also very powerful to learn exactly how to engage my audience, because that’s the way to grab their attention and make it fun and interesting for them.

I now have the confidence to deliver a wonderful presentation, as I know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Sharyn Driver, Cape Town, South Africa
EFT, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and Presenter, Releasing Limits



Bennie is hugely interactive and engaging, funny, witty, smart and informative. His ability to read people is a plus because he draws each one out, talking at their level and pace so that you can absorb what he says.

This course was a life-changer for me.

Shirley du Plessis, Cape Town, South Africa
EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Tap 4 Change

Empowered and excited


I’ve had the pleasure of been in several of Bennie’s courses which has always left me with a great feeling of wanting more.  He creates a safe space to learn, explore and push through your potential.

I am amazed at the learnings, knowledge, skills and confidence, and feel empowered and excited about my future.

Leith Angela Jeffery, Queensland, Australia

Life changing


Attending the course was one of the greatest things I have done for myself in a very long time – it was a life-changing event.

I always found it difficult to engage my audience and usually did my presentations in monologue; now I have a recipe to change all that.

Bennie has a refreshing and amazing presentation style and I learnt so many things that I will be able to apply – and it was a really fun way of learning.

Linda Meyer, South Africa

Hugely valuable


I found the entire course hugely valuable, especially learning how to engage the audience.

Bennie I really appreciate your attention to your audience, and felt that you had our best interests at heart at all times.

Above all else, I felt held and cared for – which is a rather weird thing to get from a course!

Justin Wolff, South Africa

Owner/Founder, Corporate Content

An ‘aha’ moment


I learned technical skills and got personal feedback.  I also had a very significant ‘aha’ of what had been holding me back from going out there and presenting.

The practical exercises were very valuable (and low-stress!), and the variety of groups and the expert and compassionate way feedback was given, was very helpful.

Marion Nixon, Cape Town, South Africa
Owner/Founder, Healthworks

A huge confidence boost


I left this course with a huge boost of confidence.

The tapping bonus session was also huge for me because now I finally understand why teaching took so much out of me.

This course should be a prerequisite for teachers; I absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to improve how they present.

Janine Hayward, Cape Town, South Africa
Owner/founder, Be the Grace of Serenity

The most outstanding course


It is ‘hands down’ one of the most outstanding professional development courses I have ever done! I only wish I had done it years ago! This course is not only unique, inspiring and totally empowering, it identifies and eliminates any blocks and fears you have around speaking in public and leaves you with the confidence to deliver an engaging presentation! The connection created in that room over the three days was ’unforgettable’…it‘s an experience I will treasure forever! Bennie is truly a remarkable man and his techniques are ‘game changing’ ! I can‘t thank him, his wonderful team and all the beautiful attendees enough for the confidence they have instilled in me and I highly recommend his course to everyone

Karen Todd

An unexpected bonus


Without #FILWP I would have never taken the first steps in to public speaking.

Matthew Bosworth Smith

An unexpected bonus


I found the entire course hugely valuable; if I had to choose one aspect it would be learning how to engage the audience, especially as I can see it’s broader applications. I really appreciate your attention to your audience, and felt that you had our best interests at heart at all times. The tapping really feels like it’s shifted something which is an unexpected bonus. Above all else, I felt held and cared for – which is a rather weird thing to get from a course!

Justin Wolff

Owner/Founder, Corporate Content

3 days changed 62 years


Dear Bennie,

I just had to tell you what the #FILWP course meant to me.


Finally, I could put to rest the fear of being embarrassed and humiliated when I was “put in the spotlight”.  Before, I would avoid any situation where I would stand in front of people at school, work, social situations etc. I felt very shy and awkward.

I had waited a long time for your course and knew it was where I needed to go to overcome these feelings and shine in my own light.


Even though I have almost 40 years of experience in facilitation and presenting, what I put myself through to do that was devastating.  I still did not believe that I was any good, no matter what people told me.   I used to agonize and vomit my way to the stage, and afterwardscried all the way home in embarrassment and humiliation, chastising myself for the poor job I had done.


I am struggling to explain the enormity of what I learnt through the weekend. I finally felt I could do this. I always wanted to speak from the heart and show my enthusiasm for what I believe is wonderful in the world. Now, thanks to you for creating this course I feel I can do this. 

The course was so gentle in helping us to realise our fears; after 62 years I can now finally put this to bed  – from the bottom of my heart I can’t thank you enough.


The stress release sessions I had never experienced before but the amazing feeling I woke up with each morning and the peace with which I went to sleep was amazing and mind-boggling.  I didn’t know trauma was held in the body but now I realise it and can do something about it.


My heart is so full with gratitude that I am finding it hard to put into words how amazing #FILWP was for me.

Thanks so much Bennie, keep doing what you are doing.

Much love
Elly Jolly, Melbourne, Australia

Perfect for introverts



Initially I felt panicky about the 12-hour days;  all my introvert-fears popped out, that I would not be able to manage between people for so long, and that I would be exhausted.

Well!! I was in for a VERY pleasant surprise.


We were looked after with the most incredible nutrition.

Because of the superfoods we were offered, I did not have a craving even once.  Green (or other bright colours) smoothies and juices, healthy protein and vegetable snacks and the most delicious healthy sweet snacks home-made, by loving hands, every day. We also had vegetarian lunches and water with lime juice to alkalize our systems; everything seemed to be thoroughly thought through.

This out-of-this-world nutrition was a part of the reason I could sustain my energy each day.


You know what’s another requirement for us introverts? Small enough steps for our nervous system to adjust and not freak out… and I can tell you that is EXACTLY what I found in the 3 days.

We learned and practiced new concepts in incremental steps that felt DOABLE and I was never given more than I could handle. 


This is UNLIKE any other workshop I’ve been on (I’ve been on many!) and the value I received is priceless.. Please don’t make the mistake of comparing it to other past experiences.

 I’ve seen changes in OTHER areas of my life that I didn’t expect either. My ability to face conflict has improved – totally unexpectedly – because of one of the presentation techniques we practiced and even my writing has changed. 

You’re welcome to contact me via my website if you need an introvert ear if you’re still not sure.

Bless you Bennie for this AWESOME experience!!

Liesel Teversham, London, UK
Savvy Self Growth

A huge confidence boost


The course was a great learning which targeted both cognitive parts as well as emotional parts of the participants and for that aspect it was such a valuable experience. It was designed in a way that everyone felt safe to express their vulnerabilities without the fear of being judged.

The best part of the course was the practical part where we had to practice the skills. 

If you have ever felt fearful in your life or anxious about doing something that you love, not only fears that are attached to public speaking but any other fears, this course is a perfect opportunity to face those fears for the very first time and yet push yourself through.  

Reza Faraz

Much more than presentation skills


I knew that I needed to push through discomfort and a lack of skill but I was so unsure that I would ever get myself to actually DO IT. The amazing people in the group and the way Bennie helped us all support each other provided me with my first opportunity to get up on stage without unnecessary anxiety.

Because I was enabled to get up on stage and make small mistakes, one after another, in front of an amazingly supportive group, I made small progress, then bigger and bigger again, and by the third day, I was beginning to love the feeling of having everyone’s attention so I could tell them my stories and make them laugh

By the end of the course we all had such a sense of what connected us and how much capability we all really have.

After completing the course, I am quite shocked at how little I paid because it wasn’t simply 3 days of reading information and slides. There was a HUGE amount of personal connection, practical experience, insightful life lessons and advice, AND great information. This course didn’t just teach me about presentation, it taught me deeply about where I am in relation to presentation.

Ricky Sharp

Nothing can prepare you


The benefits of me attending #FILWP includes a new understanding of how to effectively talk about a topic without worrying about the time being too long, forgetting what I want to say, or getting stressed.  I now also understand how to include your complete audience effectively.

The planning and delivering of the course, the support received from all trainers and helpers involved, the people, seeing how everyone changes and learns throughout the course helped boost confidence and promoted a will to be better.

The course was planned with the delegates relationships in mind. Because of the close bond people develop, the energy and drive of everyone was promoted without realizing it.

It is unnecessary to think about it too much before attending the course because nothing can prepare you for what you will learn and what you will experience. It is definitely something that anyone will benefit from, no matter your position or occupation.


One of a kind


Fall in Love with Presenting helped me to realise my potential and overcome my fears.  I realised how much I actually love presenting and making an impact.  Bennie has created the most nurturing environment possible to fully open up and in stages create a presentation.

I loved the group exercises and evening stress release routines.

This course is one of a kind, you will never find more accepting and nurturing mentor/coach than Bennie, will hold you hand while you learn how to overcome your nerves.


Wonderful support


I feel much more confident in my presentations, trainings and workshops, readier to improvise, tell stories, and keep the audience engaged more consciously.

I had wonderful support from other participants whom I know I can call on for advice and support with an upcoming presentation.

I really enjoyed the practice of our presentations, and getting constructive feedback from Bennie and other participants.

We are presenting ourselves all the time. People may think that this is not their line of work in that they are not running workshops or presenting to a board; however, even telesales is presenting. Every time we engage with people we are trying to win them to a particular point of view.

This workshop, and particularly the GET REAL additional option was potent and powerful;  II learnt fabulous skills and tools to make presenting myself clearer and more engaging – win win all round.

Jeanne Booth

Hands down one of the most outstanding professional development courses


#FILWP is ‘hands’ down’ one of the most outstanding professional development courses I have ever done; I only wish I had done it years ago!

This course is unique, inspiring and totally empowering,. It identifies and eliminates those blocks and fears  you have around  speaking in public and leaves you with  the confidence to deliver an engaging presentation.

The connection created in the room over the three days was unforgettable and it‘s an experience I will treasure forever.

Bennie is truly a remarkable man and his techniques are ‘game changing’! I can‘t thank him, his wonderful team and all the beautiful attendees enough for the confidence they have instilled in me.

I highly recommend his course to everyone.

Karen Todd

A great confidence builder


This course is SO much more than learning presentation skills (which, by the way, were also fantastic). 

This course will touch you on a deeply personal level and encourage so much personal growth.  I was very fortunate in that I got to experience the course first-hand in 2016 and then to be a support person for Bennie in 2018. 

It was a great confidence-builder for me, and I came away with many skills that I can take with me through my every day life. I felt so blessed to witness the growth of a beautiful group of people; to see them grow from being apprehensive about the whole experience, not really knowing what to expect, to confident, enthusiastic speakers wanting to get up and share their skills, and witnessing the love, support and friendships built with the participants over the weekend was palpable. 

I would highly recommend this course …

Kay Lynch

Teaching is now much more enjoyable


I enrolled for Bennie’s Fall in Love With Presenting course with the aim of making my EFT Practitioner trainings more interesting and interactive.

From previous experiences at Bennie’s other trainings I knew that it would be great;  #FILWP was even better than I expected.  I added to my skills, learnt a lot, released a trauma, and had a lot of fun! I walked away with a very different view of presenting.  The best part was the gentle journey that Bennie took us on.

Using the techniques has enabled me to engage my students on a deeper level, make teaching even more enjoyable and to keep the energy up.

If you’d like to learn how to give amazing presentations or improve your current skills, attend a FILWP workshop.

Thank you Bennie.

Khadine Aharon

Owner/founder, Embrace Empowerment

Practical and specific


The workshop is very practical and specific and I feel confident that I can present effectively and engage with the groups, by following the simple basic steps.

I learnt a lot about myself and also about others, the group based workshop is the perfect medium to use for this type of training.

I liked that some exercises were in very small groups, other in bigger groups and then lastly we also could practice in the group where all participants were involved.

Give it a try … you’ll be amazed by the results.

Michelle Visser

The most empowering 3 days of my life


Thank you Monique for directing me to FILWP with Bennie in 2018. If anyone is considering this program, do yourself a favour and book today – you will be happy you did.

This was easily the most empowering 3 days of my life thus far! FILWP is much more than a public speaking course, it is unlike anything you have experienced, and you will learn original techniques that will have your audience begging you for more. Seriously!

My new #FILWP skill sets are invaluable.  I now have a sense of calmness and genuine confidence to present in any situation, to a group or a larger audience in a professional and engaging manner.

Bennie has a presence that is captivating and inspiring and delivers his unique training method in a professional safe environment.


So much more than presentation skills


I got so much out of this workshop; it’s so much more than just presentation skills. Bennie uses cutting edge techniques to help you find and transform your fears around getting out into the world and sharing your message.

I used to think that some people had a natural gift for presenting until I attended this workshop.  I/you can learn these simple but profound techniques to really enhance our messages, so that we too can reach a larger audience.

If you have been playing it small because you are just not quite sure how to make an impact on your audience or you have a fear around public speaking, then you definitely don’t want to miss this workshop. I have directed so many of my friends and clients to Falling In Love With Presenting and all have been totally inspired and have been helped by Bennie.

It’s time to shine your amazing brilliance in 2019 and Falling In Love With Presenting will definitely help you do that!

Monique Mackin, Queensland, Australia

Own Your Own Health and Happiness

I found my voice again


I did public speaking until a traumatic experience while presenting overseas stopped me in my tracks;  I did not present after I froze on stage.  Most can relate to the stress of dry mouth, palpitations, and wanting to flight out the door!

Bennie and Monique walked me through and helped me to clear this trauma and fear.

Since attending the Workshop, I have gone on to present at a few workshops and seminar following what I learned from the step by step process. Thank you so much Bennie for helping me find my voice again.

Sally Martin

More than it seems


This course on presentation is more than it seems, especially if you think about it we are presenting ourselves every minute of every day. I now feel that I am standing straighter and being more ‘present’ in everyday situations.

Bennie also provided a structure for ensuring that my presentations would engage and be enjoyable too. I am confident that I can successfully prepare presentations that the audience will remember positively.

The regular sessions where we presented to each other in breakout rooms was one of the standouts. This was because we had opportunities to practice our skills straight away and get feedback too.

Í got so much more than what I expected.

Mike Jolly

One of the most valuable personal development courses


I’ve been noticing a positive difference during the past week and know this very much stems from what I experienced during the course. I feel more empowered to put myself out there and I saw evidence of this when I was a lot more at ease chairing a contest at Toastmasters on Wednesday.

This time was different!!!!!! I successfully and naturally engaged the audience. They enthusiastically responded to this and there were smiles and laughs all around the room – the energy instantly changed!!!

I actually remember thinking during the time I was up there “I’m actually having fun with this and felt it was a conversation with the audience. After the contest, several people said that it was the best impromptu speech I’ve given. One distinguished Toastmaster said it was the best he has ever seen throughout all his years at the Club. Better still….I actually felt this myself before anyone said anything!

You made it simple…..really simple….uncomplicated and nice and straightforward to learn new skills and then practice them, and I had FUN during so much of the course.

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or more experienced, the course helps you EASILY learn valuable skills, build on your own level of confidence. The whole time, there was an environment created where I felt safe to explore and give myself permission to get it wrong. This helped me relax and finally feel how easy it was to improve my skills during the three days.

This was one of the most valuable personal development courses I have been to in that it was designed in a way that helped me get out of my comfort zone in the easiest way I have ever experienced, hence experiencing breakthrough results in the three days of the course and in the time since the course.

Corinne Baird, Sydney Australia

I found my voice again


I felt the enormous benefit of the design of the course to allow us as a group to support each other the whole way through. I want you to know the difference you helped me make, Bennie….. And it’s a testament to you and the nurturing and specific way you ‘reached’ me, and ‘woke me up’, helping me remember who I really am as well as the huge value of what I have inside me to share with and help more people in a profound way. I’ve had a smile from ‘inside’ quite a few times during the week. (This is during a week that ‘the negative stuff in my life with Husband and family sicknesses are still occurring….yet even though this is the case…..I ‘FEEL’ different. This to me is such a gift! I believe it’s is a result of what I’ve learned about myself, the E.F.T., and the knowledge I now have that I didn’t have before the course. I have valuable skills that when practiced REALLY do work and work instantly. My Mum and one of my best friends also noticed a change in me and my friend commented “I noticed on Tuesday night that smile BACK in your eyes that you used to have and thought…. Wow Corinne, I can see part of you is back!” She told me that my 15 year old God- Daughter also reported on the difference she saw in me. Have I fallen in love with presenting?? Yes, I HAVE. How do I FEEL this is the case? There was a lot I had to organise with my Contest Chair role at Toastmasters this week. I did this well, quite engagingly and confidently. I absolutely LOVED giving my impromptu speech to a room of over 30 people. I actually feel excited when I think about the next time I will present. Thank you so much, Bennie for Everything.

Karen Potter,  Queensland, Australia

CLEAR & DETAILED information on all aspects of presenting


It was wonderful to be in such a supportive group. It has given me more courage to run groups and eventually I will give talks too, and then seminars. It has given me structure to plan my presentation, and feel more comfortable to stand in front of people.

I enjoyed Bennie’s sense of humour and candid approach. I also liked his thoughtfulness. Fiona was very caring and encouraging also. I loved the small groups which gave opportunities for practice and supporting others. The bonus morning session was very helpful also – I enjoyed learning a slightly different approach to EFT.

There were many benefits, on both a professional and personal level. There was a lot of clear, detailed information on all aspects of presenting – this will prove very useful. Definitely worth the time and cost!

Lenore Neville, Queensland, Australia

Excellent Tools


#FILWP provides many, many excellent tools for communicating, engaging, and conversing with an audience. Bennie engages every participant, and goes on to show you exactly how he does it. Even as someone who is not a presenter, I have found much benefit from the course, and have started applying the tools delivered by Bennie in my everyday life anyway.

I enjoyed watching other peoples progression, and I learned things about myself and how I interact with people, and new ways in which I can do so.

As with anything, you will get out what you put in. With this course you will learn a tremendous amount, be it in tools, or experiences. And this will only grow the more work you put in yourself.

Aidan Starke, New Zealand

Unparalleled generosity


I broke through the terror barrier – and made it out the other side in one piece!

The small steps approach taken by Bennie takes to increase the effort and skills required little by little was perfect for me. Even though I was out of my comfort zone – it was manageable and by the end of the course I really felt I’d come such a long way in just 3 days

I really appreciated the generosity of Bennie in sharing his wisdom throughout the jam-packed content of the course as well as the bonus sessions. This is unparalleled in my experience, and I felt so blessed that he managed to fit Sydney into his trip to Australia. I also really enjoyed the cohesiveness of the group, and the snacks were great too!

I would say to anyone thinking about attending #FILWP that it was incredible value, totally worth all of my time and effort – you can’t put a price on such a transformational experience, or the sense of achievement I felt after I delivered my presentation on the final day.

Carol, Sydney, Australia

Priceless Course


The emotional processing allowed me to shed playing small and that was very liberating and empowering.

The formula that was taught to us is invaluable. As the repetition and practice that we had was done in a fun, interactive way, the knowledge became wisdom.

Leaving a course and remembering what was taught and being able to apply it immediately is priceless. I usually forget whatever I was taught at a course until I open the manual and reacquaint myself with the material.

Wendy Summer