A Comprehensive Programme

#FILWP is a comprehensive programme to help you to become more confident when it comes to speaking in front of people.  It’s been successfully run in South Africa, Australia and on-line since 2015, with participants from 6 countries, and consistent feedback (which you can read more about here), is that you leave much more confident about yourself and life in general.    

Facilitated With Kindness, Patience And Humour

As you move through the module(s) most appropriopriate to you and build your confidence, you receive information that you can apply immediately to any presentation.  You are also treated with kindness and patience and are never forced to do something that you are not ready for.

It is presented in a fun, interactive and relaxed way that builds your confidence in delivering eeffective ngaging presentations.

What Makes #FILWP Different

The fear of public speaking in a part of your brain (the limbic, or emotional brain) that cannot be overruled with ‘positive thinking’, which is why forcing yourself to ‘just get out there’ to conquer your fear of public speaking is usually a bad idea;  you won’t overcome anything by repeatedly retraumatising yourself.

When your nervous system goes into fear mode, it shuts down the part of your brain that you need the most to think clearly.  That’s when you become more likely to freeze up, stutter, blush, sweat, be awkward or say things that you regret afterwards.

The #FILWP programme uses an Enenergy Psychology technique that calms down the limbic brain and helps you to stand up and speak to people with confidence.  Click here for a free recorded session to help you overcome your fear.

The 11 Keys To Presentation Mastery

Watch these videos for the #FILPW 11 Keys to Presentation Mastery.

My Story

I used to freak out about doing presentations.

  I so dreaded getting up in front of people that adrenaline would rush through my body, my stomach churn and my neck go bright red.  I usually spent hours (and hours) practicing even a short presentation and even then would sometimes get stuck or forget what I wanted to say.  I usually ended up feeling embarrassed and humiliated if I forgot what I wanted to say or when it did not turn out as good as I expected.  This of course set off a vicious cycle where I would now panic even more before the next presentation.

Falling In Love With It

However, I kept on learning from observing others and through practice, practice and more practice – even though it was very hard to put so much work into it only to be left disappointed and deflated.  Then one day in 2003 I attended a course in London where it suddenly dawned on me exactly what it was that made the presenter so good at it.  As the penny dropped I started doing what I saw him do, which made a huge difference to the way that I started to approach and deliver presentations.  My red neck also got resolved with the help of Energy Psychology, which is now an essential part of #FILWP.

After that painful beginning I ended up loving the whole business of presenting, training and facilitation, and have now presented at over 200 events in 15 countries.  In 2015 it made sense to give up my career as an Energy Psychology practitioner and trainer and to start teaching transformative ways to present enjoyable and effectively.  

Since Covid, all in-person training is on hold.  You can still join one of the upcoming on-line programmes here, select an option below.

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