#FILWP: Welcome to the first 97 minutes

EVERYONE SAYS that their courses, workshops or retreats are amazing.

I also know from my own experience that it can be hard to commit the time, money and effort to attend something when you don’t know the trainer from Adam (or Eve, for that matter).

  • What if you don’t like them or their training style?
  • Talk is cheap; what if they’re not quite who they said they were?
  • What if it’s not as good as you thought or hoped?

On top of that, if you’re already nervous (or petrified) of public speaking, it won’t make any difference if I tell you that my style is casual, inclusive, engaging, respectful, supportive (and even funny sometimes).

IT’S EASY to get to know me, my style, and some of the #FILWP material.

You can watch the entire first 97 minutes of the FILWP- course that was filmed in Queensland, Australia.  That way you’ll know without a doubt if you like what you see, if it feels good, and if ‘Fall in Love with Presenting’ is for you.

Watching the videos, you might also just learn a thing or two about presenting, about you and about your next steps.

There’s no signup required; just click, watch, and share freely.


#1: Introduction

#3: Getting started

#5: Comfort is overrated

#7: Immersion training, TTPNTY & more

#9: 11 Keys to Presenter Master (Part I)

#11: The first 97 minutes

#2: Olympic athletes

#4: Getting the most

#6: Getting it wrong and being kind

#8: GPS, vibes and walking on water

#10: 11 Keys to Presenter Master (Part II)

Want to share your message in a more powerful way?  Attend the next ‘Fall in Love with Presenting’!

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