Fall in Love with Presenting: A solid introduction: Cape Town, Apr ’18


Date: 14 Apr '18Location: Welgemoed, Cape Town

A fun and interactive day in Cape Town to help you overcome your fear of public speaking and to learn some of the basics of engaging your audience right from the start.

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Very few great presenters were born that way; most of us had to learn it somewhere.

If you are nervous or anxious about presenting or it’s simply time to up-skill your level of delivering presentations, you’ve got to start somewhere.  (It’s not going to get better all by itself and as you already know, practice does not make perfect, it makes permanent.  If you keep doing the wrong thing again and again, you’re only getting better at doing the wrong thing.)  That’s where the #FILWP presentation skills course in Cape Town comes in.

‘Fall in Love with Presenting:  A solid introduction’  is a low-cost, fun and interactive one-day experiential workshop that will help you to:

  • start overcoming your fear, nervousness, anxiety or panic about public speaking, instead of trying to ignore or ‘manage’ it
  • learn how to welcome any audience in a way that is fun, engaging and different
  • discover fun and energising ways to keep your audience interested
  • get a glimpse or what is really possible for you

You will not be ‘put on the spot’, forced to anything you’re not ready to do, judged or criticized and will feel comfortable before you know it, regardless of how inexperienced or anxious you are.  The techniques are simple and you’d be able to implement them in your very next presentation.

Leave with a whole lot less baggage and a whole lot more confidence than when you arrived!

Welgemoed, Cape Town
Saturday 27 Jan: 9:30 am – 5pm
R475, including snacks.

You can put it off and keep hoping for a miracle, or you can do something about it and click ‘Add to Cart’ to book your place.


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