My two cents’ worth of presentation tips


I originally created #FILWP because I know what it’s like to freak out about having to do a presentation. (Read my story here.)

Once the courses were up and running and you can download the video and the ‘Fall in Love with Presenting’ workbook, the next logical thing to do was to start sharing presentation tips based on what I’ve learnt over the last 20 years or so.

That’s exactly what I did, and here they are.

I call it “My two cents’ worth” of presentation tips because I do not proclaim to know it all; in fact, I know I still have lots of room for growth!


I have a keen eye for detail, and I notice things.  One of my strengths is also to experiment with new ideas and to implement them quickly.  

Having attending and facilitating hundreds of events, I’ll also share with you what I’ve learnt from other presenters, teachers and peers; what worked and what didn’t.


Of course, I do not necessarily know you, your style, values, environment or audience;  what I do know is that these tips works for me and for many people I have shared them with.

Because they work so well for so many people and because most of them are sooooo simple and easy to implement, with such great and positive impact, I’d love for you to start using them immediately, in your very next presentation.  Remember that successful people implement quickly.

That way you too, can fall in love with the art of presenting and once you do, it changes everything!  

While that is true, all of us also have to take one step before the next, one step at a time.  So, even if initially these tips just help you to be a bit less freaked out and a bit more confident, then I say that’s a good thing, and a good basis to build on.

It is crucial that, ultimately, you find your own voice and your own way because that’s the only way you (and your presentations) will ever be authentic   I hope that this will happen sooner rather than later, and, in the meantime, feel free to ‘borrow’ my way of doing things; it’s not even my way, of course, it’s just what others have taught me.  


I promise that I will not insult your intelligence by saying things like ‘”Just be more confident” because if you knew how to do that, you’d not be reading this right now.

Similarly, I will not waste your time with vague suggestions like “Engage your audience.”

Instead, these tips will be specific, clear and quick and easy to implement.


  • The tips aren’t listed in any order; one is not more important than any other, so pick and click them at random and see which one you get! 
  • Where it’s important, tips have links to other, related tips – I suggest you read those too, as understanding one will help you understand the other.
  • Decide on one or max two to focus on and implement in your very next presentation.
  • Make it your own, tweak my way to become your way, depending on your topic, your audience and your style.


Please leave as much feedback, suggestions and comments as you wish so that the rest of us can learn from you; you’ll find an easy ‘Comment’ section at the bottom of every tip page; please tick the ‘Share on Facebook’ option as much as possible.


Got your presentation tips and tricks of the trade, things that you love doing that works?

Please send them to me; if I decide to include them in the series I’ll give you credit so that people can find you too, if you wish that.

#FILWP Tip 001: Drop the ‘guys’, guys!


#FILWP Tip 002: Pictures are (mostly) forever; get some.

#FILWP TIP 002:  PICTURES ARE (OFTEN) FOREVER - MAKE SURE YOU GET THEM With our present-day technology, #FILWP Tip 002 is super easy to get right, and is something you'll kick yourself for later if you don't.   Imagine that you've just given your best...

#FILWP Tip #003: Your background matters

#FILWP TIP 003: WHEN IT COMES TO PRESENTING, YOUR BACKGROUND MATTERS #FILWP Tip 003 is, like #FILWP Tip #002, related to getting snapped at your event. If you followed Tip 002, then you got a professional photographer (or Uncle Bob) to take some action...

Presentation Tip #004: Empty seats suck eggs – avoid them

#FILWP TIP 004:  EMPTY SEATS SUCK EGGS (AND ENERGY): AVOID THEM If you're like most presenters, you might be tempted to ignore #FILWP Tip 004.  You might think that it does not matter, or that it's too much of a hassle.   I wish I could say this more...

Presentation Tip #005: “But” may sound ok to you, but…

#FILWP TIP 005:  "BUT" MAY SOUND OK TO YOU, BUT... It is very common for speakers to say things like: I know that some of you are tired, but we have a lot to get on with. Some of you traveled long distances to be here, but you're here now. I know that some of you were...

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