How 3 days changed 62 years

22 Feb ’17

Dear Bennie,

I just had to tell you what the #FILWP course meant to me.


Finally, I could put to rest the subconscious feeling I was going to be embarrassed and humiliated whenever I was in a situation where I was “out the front” or “put in the spotlight” or “singled out”.  I know I didn’t consciously realise this but I knew the feeling of intense embarrassment and humiliation and never wanted to feel it again. So I would avoid any situation where it could happen or where I could be made to stand in front of people, whether it be at school, work, social situations etc. I felt very shy and awkward because this caused me to stay in my shell if there was any likelihood of becoming singled out. I would be at the back of the group or looking somewhere else so I couldn’t be singled out.

I had waited a long time for your course to be within my vicinity and knew it was where I needed to go to overcome these feelings and shine in my own light.

The other thing I realized is I have 38 years of personal development history which I haven’t utilized to my fullest all because I was so scared to feel that embarrassment and humiliation again.


I realized during #FILWP how much experience I have and how I have not had enough confidence to do all of it. Yep, I have facilitated, run webinars, sold into courses like The Bali Gathering, spoke in front of audiences from 20 to 300, but what I put myself through to do that was devastating, and of course I never thought I was any good, no matter what people told me. I certainly didn’t love and accept myself after any of these performances, because really that is all it was, a performance, the real me wasn’t on that stage.

I thought that was what I needed to do and agonized and vomited my way to the stage. Then when it was finally over and I could have time to myself, I cried all the way home in embarrassment and humiliation.  Chastising myself for the poor job I had done.   The times, because of my fears I have totally stuffed up talks to people because of the overwhelming feeling of being embarrassed and humiliated. I finally can realise just how much I have to offer the world and not be worried whether they like it or not.


I am struggling to explain the enormity of what I learnt through the weekend. I finally felt I could do this. I always wanted to speak from the heart and show my enthusiasm for what I believe is wonderful in the world. Now, thanks to you for creating this course I feel I can do this. I got a touch of that at the weekend.

The course was so gentle in helping us to realise our fears and of course our “terror barrier” when I heard those words I knew, phew, because of my trust in you,  I can take a deep breath I am in the right place.  It was amazing how I could feel the feelings that seemed so huge and so insurmountable and still love and accept myself anyway.  I didn’t ever know this could be fixed.

I have waited 62 years to finally put this to bed and from the bottom of my heart I can’t thank you enough.


The stress release sessions I had never experienced before but the amazing feeling I woke up with each morning and the peace with which I went to sleep was amazing and mind-boggling, I would lie in bed just enjoying the feeling of completeness. I didn’t know trauma was held in the body but now I realise it and can do something about it.


My heart is so full with gratitude that I am finding it hard to put into words how amazing #FILWP was for me. Certainly a life changer that’s for sure. Now as you say practice practice  practice.  What a magician you are for creating such a wonderful course/workshop that is so needed in every area of people’s lives today. I don’t think I know anyone who couldn’t benefit in so many areas of their life by doing Falling In Love with Presenting. After all how many times a day do we present ourselves  to the world  in so many situations.

I know I am going to present to the world in an entirely different light.

Thanks so much Bennie, keep doing what you are doing.

Much love

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