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As the founder of Fall in Love with Presenting, I am highly seasoned in the art of presenting and teaching you how to present, with extensive experience of presenting at over 150 events in 15 countries over almost 20 years.

I believe that you need passion for your presentation material, to enable you to communicate from the heart, giving you confidence and passion that others will notice during your presentation.  

There is also one element of presenting that, once you truly get it, changes your presentations from one-sided speeches to engaging conversations.

“Even if you have important or interesting information to share, your audience can’t ‘get’ it unless you communicate it effectively and with heart. At best, they’ll be politely disinterested; at worst, they’ll be bored out of their minds and forget you and your presentation as quickly as you can say ‘Phew, I’m glad that’s over!’”

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The Fall in Love with Presenting course will show you how to gain the confidence and skill to do well in any presentation scenario, such as:

  • Public speaking
  • Business or corporate presentations
  • Presenting to peers or bosses
  • Closing a deal
  • Going for an interview
  • Asking for a promotion

Superior presentation skills lead to deeper personal connections and relationships, an increase in leads & sales, more people knowing, liking and trusting you, as well as an enhanced personal brand. The ability to present well is an essential element of effective leadership of any kind.

Bennie Naude
Bennie Naude

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Yet when it comes to presenting you feel you aren’t good enough, feel scared or intimidated or just lack the excitement of presenting because of the stress of public speaking. Don’t worry, most people feel this way, and actively hate needing to present anything. Most people feel put ‘on the spot’, awkward, insecure, & anxious when it comes to presenting. This can easily lead to sweaty palms, stuttering, freezing or even forgetting their well-rehearsed lines. Just because people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of death, doesn’t mean that it has to be that way. Fall in Love with Presenting will teach you how to properly structure your presentation and also how to prepare and compose yourself before your presentations so that you can become an incredible presenter and public speaker. The formula is simple, all you need is to up your skills, gain support to help overcome your fears, and utilize the techniques taught in the Fall in Love with Presenting course.

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It resides in a different part of your brain. That’s why forcing yourself to ‘get out there’ to conquer your fear of public speaking is usually a very bad idea. You won’t overcome anything by repeatedly retraumatising yourself, and your audience. The part of your brain that you need the most to present well, shuts down when you’re in a state of panic, making you even more likely to freeze up, be awkward and say things that you can only regret afterwards. This is where Fall in Love with Presenting comes in.

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Fall in Love with Presenting is a brilliantly designed, non-threatening course that gives you information that you can apply immediately to any presentation, whether you are an entrepreneur or work in corporate.

Bennie Naude, founder of Fall in Love with Presenting has extensive experience in the art, having presented at almost 200 events in 15 countries over almost 20 years.

The course itself is a fun, interactive, relaxed and empowering event where you learn to feel good about yourself and build your skill of presenting and public speaking. We help you identify what’s really behind your fear of public speaking and what to do about it. Join a community of like-minded people also on the journey to be brilliant presenters.

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You might have been to other presentation skills courses and wonder how #FILWP is different, or never been to one and wonder why on earth #FILWP is 3 days, and what sort of things you’ll learn?

You might want a preview of the course manual to decide if this is really the course for you, or go through the powerful exercises (that we do on the #FILWP course) to uncover what your fear of public is really about, and then shift it.

The good news is that you can download the first 33 pages of the actual ‘Fall in Love with Presenting’ course manual, right here, for free; just scroll right to the bottom, enter your email address and I’ll email it to you. 

Just before you do, a word of warning;  the exercises in the workbook, as simple as they look, routinely bring up serious ‘stuff’ for people.  Be sure that you have appropriate support set up before you go through them, like a loving partner, an EFT or Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner that knows what they’re doing, or perhaps go through it with is a buddy or a close friend.

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